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6 Myths and Facts about the Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea

Anthony January 20, 2018 0 Comments

With the rise of social media, there is a lot of intentional and unintentional propaganda regarding a variety of products. Though everyone accepts that Matcha green tea is greatly beneficial for your health, social media and the internet has created a variety of different myths regarding Matcha Green Tea.

Our extensive research on the development of, and research on Matcha green tea has allowed us to have great insights into the myths and facts regarding this amazing tea. Read on!

6 Myths and Facts about the Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea

1. Myth: It is not good for the heart

Fact: Matcha is great for cholesterol control

Matcha green tea, through its various herbs and spices, and through the Umami flavour, helps reduce cholesterol by burning down fatty acids in the blood. Matcha is greatly beneficial for the heart since it not only opens up arteries, but it also helps break down cholesterol.

2. Myth: It only has limited benefits.

Fact: Matcha has all-encompassing benefits!

Matcha impacts a variety of different facets of an individuals health; from clearing up sinuses and eliminating harmful fluids in the throat, to potentially curing cancer, Matcha can impact various health issues through its delicate combination of various herbs and spices. 

3. Myth: Matcha only benefits young people.

Fact: Matcha is very, very beneficial for aged individuals!

Matcha is hugely beneficial for older people since it reinvigorates taste buds and olfactory abilities through the unique smell that the umami flavour creates. This is greatly beneficial for old people since it seeks to amend and restart their olfactory and taste senses, meaning that the green tea can impact different sorts of ages.

4. Myth: Matcha does not give you much energy.

Fact: Matcha is potentially more energy-inducing than a canned energy drink!

Matcha has various chemicals such as amino acids that reinvigorate individuals via releasing various chemicals in their body. Furthermore, because of its refreshing taste, it creates feelings of energy, refreshment and excitement in its users.

5. Myth: Matcha has health benefits, but it does not taste good.

Fact: Matcha’s Umami flavour is amazing!

Matcha has one of the unique tastes that a beverage can have. Umami flavour is different from salty, sweet, bitter, and sour tastes because it is created via a unique mix of Japanese spices that have a delicate aftertaste that combines with the fragrant steam created when it is boiled in water to create an explosive and refreshing taste!

6.    Myth: Matcha cannot cure cancer

Fact: Studies have shown it potentially can!

The last thing Matcha could be expected to do is to cure cancer; maybe it can! Matcha has been studied and shown to break down tumours in individuals via the unique chemicals that it creates and releases in its users.

All in all, Matcha has the ability to create a variety of different health benefits that ensure that if the green tea is regularly consumed, it will tremendously benefit the health of its users; this, coupled with the fact that it is refreshing and tastes amazing, should mean that there is no reason why you shouldn’t don't have the green tea.

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