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About Hello Matcha

Hello Matcha was born from a simple purpose - to bring real, high quality matcha to Australia, without the gimmicks.

Just pure matcha green tea powder, delivered right to your doorstep.

Matcha doesn't just taste great in drinks, food and desserts.

Matcha is immensely beneficial to your state of mind, overall health and is suitable for any occasion.

After discovering the wonders of matcha on a trip to Japan, we knew we couldn't keep this to ourselves.

We introduced matcha to our friends and family.

This then ballooned into finding matcha for their friends, and then their friends.

We liked matcha. Everybody we talked to liked matcha. But we noticed most people didn't know how good quality matcha should be.
In fact, outside of generic tea shops and grocery stores, most didn't know where to easily find proper, premium matcha.

It seemed like we were on to something!

We thought to ourselves - why not make it easy for everyone in Australia to obtain premium matcha green tea powder?

No tricks, no gimmicks - just a dead simple way to order premium matcha online and have it delivered straight to you.

With the assistance of an interpreter, we contacted matcha suppliers all over Japan and attained samples from different regions, producers and harvests.

We then drank a lot of matcha. For research purposes. :)

Finally, we settled on a particular supplier located in the Uji region of Kyoto, an area renowned for supplying the majority of the world's matcha.

Premium quality and ceremonial grade, this matcha is suitable for use in the art of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

It is also what we believe is the best tasting matcha available from Japan, at a most reasonable price.

For the healthiest tea experience, we invite you to order online today and try our premium matcha green tea yourself!


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